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At Club Cosmo, we believe that every business is unique, and that's why we never settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Our values of creativity, ambition, and clear communication shape everything we do. Just as a mixologist skillfully combines ingredients to create a perfect cocktail, we expertly blend creativity, strategy, and data-driven insights to craft customized social media solutions that align with your brand's identity and goals.


Laura Gardin earned her stars in the field of social media by working with European fashion & cosmetics brands as an independent content creator. Later picking up a higher degree in communication management & winning a “best thesis” award at Artevelde UC. She became Social Media Officer at an Antwerp based agency, where she took over social media pages & lead campaigns for brands such as Komono, PIET moodshop & Renaulac. Burning ambition brought her to today, where she’s launching an agency of her own.

"Laura (and Club Cosmo) is truly a dream to work with!

She provided my company (Studio Matti) with a marketing strategy and turned it into a powerful and cohesive brand book. She regularly provides constructive advice when I need to make strategic decisions regarding the growth of my business.

Furthermore, Club Cosmo took over our social media, and it was the best choice we could have made! The communication and content are always spot on, Laura is super transparent, and she has a very smooth way of working. Finally, I don't have to worry about our communication anymore!

Cosmo Club is highly recommended to work with, and I will definitely refer clients to Laura's company without hesitation!"

-  Matti Verbanck, creative director & graphic designer at Studio Matti

"Laura is motivated, creative and has amazing communication skills. It’s been a pleasure working together on projects for KOMONO!”

- Ruben van de Sande, PR and social media manager at KOMONO

"Laura delivered the requested content quickly and fully in line with our predetermined style. After an initial review, she made a few adjustments, which made us completely satisfied with her work! Very pleased."

- Seger Scheyving, Promotor, booker & event guy at IIIMAGINE

"I found Laura from Club Cosmo through a family member who was already working with her and noticed her impressive skills. Her approach aligns perfectly with that of Ibiza Tailor: straightforward, expertise-driven, personal, and offered at a fair price. And let's not forget the fun! Laura has a natural flair for social media and can handle it much better than we could do ourselves. Moreover, it saves us a lot of time for our core business, which is making customers happy with a wonderful Ibiza trip.

We should have looked for a social media partner much earlier, and with Club Cosmo, it's a perfect match. I am looking forward to a long-term collaboration where both of us benefit."

- Michael Emonts, Founder Ibiza Tailor

"Collaborating with Laura from Club Cosmo feels incredibly relieving.

At Club Cosmo, I feel at ease because I know that whatever Laura does for Soulliving, it will be more than just fine. Thanks to Club Cosmo, I now have a well-founded brand book that perfectly aligns with Soulliving and a marketing strategy that truly supports our goals.

Laura herself has a delightful, authentic personality to work with. She is always enthusiastic, empathetic, meticulous, and goal-oriented. With Laura, you get the whole package: smooth communication, someone who constantly thinks along with you, and a personalized approach.

This marks the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration!"

- Cine Bens -  founder, creator & mentor @Soulliving


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