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Boosting Fashion Visibility: Laudi Fashion's Year-long Social Media Success with Club Cosmo

We at Club Cosmo are thrilled to have been collaborating with Laudi Fashion, a fashion store based in Tielt, for over a year now. And counting!

We support this thriving boutique through a social media takeover and content creation when needed. The time they would normally invest in their social media can now be used for other purposes, while their social media posts are consistently published with the right strategy by Club Cosmo. More time and an improved online presence for your brand, a win-win!

When the collaboration started, their Instagram account had 8.400 followers. However, thanks to our social media strategy and execution, we managed to increase their Instagram followers to 9.300, reaching over 83.000 people on Facebook and 108.000 on Instagram in that same year. These results were largely achieved organically, meaning that minimal advertisements were used. A great example of how consistent and sufficient posting can achieve remarkable outcomes.

One of the key tactics we implemented was prioritizing video content on Instagram and becoming more active on TikTok with 2-3 posts per week. We also changed their Instagram feed from squares to full-frame pictures, making it easier for their followers to see the clothes and improving their marketing efforts. Additionally, we ensured that their feed was seasonally appropriate and had a good balance between aesthetic and commercial pictures.

Our efforts paid off, and Laudi Fashion's social media accounts have seen impressive growth. We provide a comprehensive overview of Facebook and Instagram reach, visitors, and followers over the past year, showing that everything has gone up since we took over their accounts. All indicators are in green, indicating steady growth in their social media presence.

statistieken en resultaten  social media overname door club cosmo
Social media statistics from Laudi Fashion by Club Cosmo

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Laurence, the owner of Laudi Fashion, for her trust in our services and for the fine collaboration we have had over the past year. Together, we have been able to achieve significant growth in their social media accounts, which will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of Laudi Fashion.

Interested in a social media take over for your brand? Let's talk success - the measurable and thriving kind. Discover all our services here or contact us for more information.

The clients loves to have a aesthetically pleasing feed so we implemented this into her communication strategy.

Discover a few of our favorite feeds for Laudi Fashion by Club Cosmo:


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